Stationery Supplies(文具用品) Hong Kong | OH360 Wholesale e-commerce system

Why choose OH360 for your stationery supplies

OH360 Stationery Supplies(文具用品) Hong Kong is a brand new e-commerce system which provides all-round products & services. The advance system brings you a better purchase experience and quality products that suit your needs

Are you looking for a one-stop solution to purchasing a variety of stationery supplies for your official and personal needs? OH360, a subsidiary of the On Hing Paper Group in Hong Kong, is the place that you need to visit. This company offers a variety of office supplies to satisfy all the diverse demands and requirements of its clients. It is not without reason that OH360 is one of the well-respected companies in this part of the world, in the industry of stationery supplies.

What’s new about OH360?

To keep up with the advent of technology, OH360 has invested in a brand new e-commerce system, which has made it easy for customers to check for the supplies that they want in a user-friendly manner. With this colourful website in place, all you have to do is to browse the various products available with OH360 according to their specific categories, choose whatever you want and purchase the same in a very secure and transparent manner. OH360 firmly believes in the policy of “Customer is king”; therefore, it keeps striving to update its products to satisfy its customers’ demands.

What kind of products does OH360 deal in?

OH360 is one of the few suppliers in Hong Kong to deal with almost all kinds of office and stationery supplies. The products that it deals in can be broadly classified into categories like the following:

Business Paper

Stationery Supplies

Tissues Products

Computer Supplies

Household Products

Computer Consumables

Office Equipment

Seasonal & Decorative Items

Green & Health

Store Collection

Customised Printing Products

With such an impressive collection of products, isn’t it natural that OH360 wouldn’t disappoint you, irrespective of the nature of stationery that you need? The major highlight of OH360 is that while continuing to satisfy its customers’ requirements, it also keeps its commitment to nature intact. Its products are eco-friendly and it has received many awards in Hong Kong for its contribution to the environment and the society in general.

Top reasons to choose OH360 as your stationery supplier

Here are some of the top reasons as to why you need OH360 for your stationery supplies:

1. A diverse range of products – Unlike other suppliers, OH360 proves to be a one-stop solution for you for all the diverse range of stationery supplies, paper, printing and office equipment that you might need. You can get a complete and satisfying purchase experience with OH360 because you don’t have to run from pillar to post for your needs.

2. User-friendly – The e-commerce site of OH360 is user-friendly and it allows you to browse products at your convenience. You can select the products that you want and proceed to pay for them with the assurance that your transaction is safe and secured.