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Caring Company

Volunteers │ Donations │ Mentorship

On Hing Paper and OH360 awarded the Caring Company Logo and we are taking responsibility for our impact on society, environment and community.

The “Caritas Bazaar” is one of the most biggest volunteering event, we uphold the Caritas Spirit of “Love in the service of hope”.

10+ Caring Company
(On Hing Paper Holdings)

Caring Company (OH360)

Industry Care Award


Green Recognition and Award

Energy │ Recycling │ Reduce │ Reuse │ buyGreen

Since 2015, OH360 has been working on goGREEN policy and making some efforts in terms of the above 5 categories. We strive for sustainable and consistent improvements to make the world a better place. We invited you to goGREEN with us!


Wastewi$e Certificate – Excellence
(On Hing Paper Holdings)
Wastewi$e Certificate- Basic (OH360)

Energywi$e Certificate- Basic (OH360)


OH360 goGREEN policy

We commit to establish environmental policies and with management great supports to implement environmental protection services to create a comfortable and healthy working environment.
In the prospect of Environment, the policy guides our employees as well as other stakeholders to gives greatest efforts to make the world a better place while creating value for our customers, partners, the environment and communities. [ Read Full Text ]


Environmental Report for 2019

[ Read Full Text ]

各類 PROJECT 實例參考
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