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1973   On Hing Paper set up and being the pioneer for paper trading supplier.   
1986  China Trading Department to target China market.  
1991  On Hing Paper (SZ) set up to develop Southen part of China market.  
1993  On Hing Paper (SH) set up to develop Easten part of China
1997 On Hing Paper (TJ) set up to develop Northen part of China
1999  Partnership with Shanghai Chuen Hing Paper, manufacture Copy Roll Business.   
2001  Luen Hing Paper set up to develop carton boxes business  
2002  Shenzhen On Hing Paper Factory set up, over 25000 sq meter.   
2003  Partnership with Shanghai Huidong Paper group to develop along the Changjiang River Delta
2005  Invested Shanghai Factory with over 50000 sq meter.  
2006  Headquarters started the green office policy and promote environmental friendly products
2009  On Hing Develop new business for office supplies
2011  Headquarters relocate to C-Bons Int' Center with over 7000 sq meter.
2012  SAP inplemented with E-Commerce
2113  Warehouse relocate to Fanling with over 50000 sq meter.
2014  Jiangmen Factory set up
2016 OH360 Company Limited which offers one-stop office supplies solution (RELAX SOURCING)
2016 March : Launching of e-Commerce Platform which provide a more advance and user friendly purchase environment for customers
2017 10+ Caring Company, Hong Kong Green Awards, Wastsewise Certification


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