Over the years, OH360 has contributed to the society, community and the environment enthusiastically. We have awarded the”Caring Company” of Hong Kong for over 16 years. We contributed to make donations and perform volunteer services with voluntary organization every year to support various institutions and accommodate different needs to the community.

Environmental Protection

OH360 is fully committed to environmental management and sustainable development by implementing various measures to reduce electricity consumption, carbon emission and wastes from our office to our warehouse, aim at raising environmental awareness among our employees, customers and stakeholders.

● Set Up Green Policy

The determination of green measures execution delivers to colleagues, To enhance & strength public understanding on company commitment & contribution on environmental protection

● Sell & Promote environmentally-friendly products

All selling copy paper have attained both FSC/PEFC certifications

● Reduce ; Reuse ; Recycle


– Reduce Paper Wastes
Think before you print.
Encourage Both sides printing.
Single-sided paper can be used as notepads and reusing envelopes.
Communicate through e-mail can reduce paper use.
– Reduce Energy Consumption
Switch off office equipment that is not in use.
Set and maintain air-conditioned room temperature to 25℃


Selection of materials / products that are reusable, for example, paper box & stationary


Placing waste separation facilities in an appropriate location can help to encourage staff to recycle and cultivate waste recycling habits.


We have won the award of “Caring Company” of Hong Kong for over 16 years. During these years, we make donations and perform volunteer services with voluntary organization every year. This fully reflects our support to the public, and shows our recognition for and participation in doing charity deeds.

Staff Care & Engagement

We make considerable investment in its human resources to prepare ourselves for the future development needs of the Group. We put extensive efforts to increase the sense of belonging of our staff through advancing wellbeing and promoting work-life balance.

•Competitive benefits and staff wellbeing

•Cohesive and caring culture

•Occupational Safety and Health


Our Team strive for excellence with innovative spirits to let customers have an experience with a sense of human touch, plus our great delivery teams, to create an ideal and satisfactory working environment.


• 5 Years Plus Caring Company

• 5 Years Plus Industry Cares

• Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

• Green Organisation: Productwise & Wastewise Label

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