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Relax Souring

Innovation is always our mission, which makes OH360 transformed from a major paper supplier to a one-stop office supplier in Hong Kong.

To cater for the new ways of working environment, Office + Home E-Commerce will continue to offer our users all-rounded solutions with our sincerity, reliability, professional and a feeling of “ENJOY WORK LIFE”!

All-Rounded Products with Excellence Customer Service

OH360 offers all-rounded office supplies and flexible services, you can simply buy what you want anywhere and anytime, pay through certificated payment gateway, check your purchased history & invoice, and deliver to office/home or click and collect service.

Teamwork with youthful & energetic

Our Team strive for excellence with innovative spirits to let you have an experience with a sense of human touch, plus our great delivery teams, to create an ideal and satisfactory working environment.

Unique & Extraordinary

We created an unique & casual character named “阿豆ADO”, he feels relaxed on the office chair which represents “relaxing sourcing” through our professional sales and CS team, e-shop platform as well as a strong delivery team to bring you the services that users need.

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